LXD Job Postings

POSITION: International Business Logistician (IBL)


Serve as the primary contact for coordinating business operations between LXD, its customers and suppliers. Coordinate supplier development of materials for customer’s programs and specifications, facilitate the manufacturing process with regard to customer’s requirements, manage the logistics and delivery of customer’s products, and ensure overall customer satisfaction with regard to sourcing and supply chain management. Help manage LXD's business partners, participate and assist in business negotiations, technical support, project management, and arranging international logistics for delivery of customer’s products.

Require Bachelor in Supply Chain, Economics or related fields with 5 year experience. Apply to: LXD Research & Display, LLC. 7516 Precision Dr. Suite 100, Raleigh, NC 27617. Attn: HR. Or hr@lxdinc.com

POSITION: Display Engineer


Design, development and qualification of Flat Panel Displays for both monochrome and color display products. Work on flat panel displays both at the component and system level, serving as a focal point between customer's system design team, display electrical engineering team, display mechanical team, supply base management team, and display suppliers. Manage all activities necessary to deliver displays into final products from initial concept to production.

Requires Master Degree in Electrical Engineering or Comp Engineering. Apply to: LXD Research & Display, LLC. 7516 Precision Dr., Ste 100, Raleigh, NC 27617. hr@lxdinc.com